Reviewing an exercise

Reviewing an exercise

It's not all chalk and talk

It’s not all chalk and talk

Here are a random set of unsolicited comments about the courses delivered by David White and Whitehorn Consulting. Names are retained for reasons of client confidentiality.

I just wanted to say thank you for a really great course, I thought
you drew the class together very well, and taught the subject brilliantly

I really enjoyed the course and would say that it was the best presented
course that I have been on. I enjoyed the day and took loads of very
useful info away with me

Interesting and informative. It has given me some new perspectives on leadership and I full intend to apply some of the techniques we covered in my daily work

Interesting, fun and very informative

I must just say what a great day I had . Your presentational style was a breath of fresh air, I always thinks it’s a tremendous quality to have to be able to laugh at yourself , the slides showing your career path stamped with “Failed” was a master stroke!

Thanks for a very useful and enjoyable course. I look forward to meeting again in the future

Thanks for making the training session very enjoyable.
I felt your anecdotes and stories brought the materials to life and made for a very effective training course

Just a quick thank you for a very informative course. I have just had to write a strategy proposal. Had 2 days to do it, was completed thanks to the skills learnt on the course.

And thanks again for a very helpful course. You will be impressed that I have already used the AIDA technique of a group email sent yesterday and I eagerly await the feedback.