Project Management Essentials

A project challenge  turning Greenwich into Paris

A project challenge turning Greenwich into Paris

Training courses about projects usually focus on project management and the tools used by project managers.

But project managers actually represent a small percentage of the people who work on projects. Most people involved in projects are not ‘pure’ project managers, but users, business analysts, programmers, testing specialists and product managers, among others. Their contributions to projects are essential.

The purpose of this course is to analyse projects from the perspective of those players in projects, who are not full time project managers. Exercises and case studies are used to ensure the effectiveness of the training. Where possible case studies are devised to reflect the situation facing course delegates.

Course Overview

Who should attend?

Anyone who plays a role in a project, Project managers or future project managers

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

2 days for up to 12 delegates